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Formerly known as the Osteopathy and SCENAR Clinic, Peak Body Mechanics have expanded their staff, services and availability meaning more therapists, more range of modalities, more available days and times and at a location convenient for you.

The Clinic now boasts 3 Osteopaths and a SCENAR / Musculoskeletal therapist, all of whom have the same philosophy that hinges strongly on balancing the whole body rather than just treating the pain.

Diagnosing and balancing the pelvis is fundamental to the integrity of the body - so if you are feeling “out of whack” it may be due to pelvic dysfunction which can cause not only lower back pain but many other seemingly unrelated symptoms such as headaches, abdominal problems, knee pain and posture among many others.

We treat babies, children, teens, adults and the elderly based on the principles of Osteopathy - where structure affects function and vice versa and treat from the whole of the body rather than to the part of the body.

Each person, their injury, condition and treatment plan is unique, so if you are currently suffering - or know that you could just feel better - don’t hesitate to contact us to see how we can be of assistance to you.

You don’t need a referral or expensive x-rays before starting a treatment and you wont be locked into a long term treatment plan. Each individual responds differently and most initial problems are resolved between 1 and 5 treatments.

We are also proud to be offering the following: -
THOR (low level laser therapy), as seen on WIN news, for soft tissue injuries, sprains and strains, osteo arthritis, joint conditions, pain and inflammation.

Laser auriculotherapy for weight loss, smoking cessation and addiction.

NeurOptimal brain training sessions for symptoms of a malfunctioning central nervous system.

Peak Body Mechanics - we’ve got your back, your whole body and now your mind!

Cannonvale / Woodwark

Opening Hours

Monday        : 9.00am - 5.00pm
Wednesday  : 9.00am - 5.00pm


18 Sam Hill Drive
Woodwark, 4802


Opening Hours

Tuesday       : 9.00am - 6.00pm
Friday          : 8.30am - 4.00pm


33 Main Street
Proserpine, 4800

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07 4946 1166



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