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Case Studies

A 57 year old lady presented at our Proserpine clinic complaining of crushing pains in left the side of her chest, this occurred several times a day for no apparent reason and left her holding her rib cage firmly with her hands until the pain decreased within a few minutes and she could breathe fully again. This pain had started a few years ago, she could not recall any causative factors, except she was always carrying young grandchildren.

A visit to her doctor did not give any answers or solutions apart from taking pain relief medication. Osteopathic examination revealed a tilted pelvis leading to a rotated and curved thoracic spine which in turns gave the patient a slight subluxation of a couple of ribs, treatment consisted in realigning the pelvis, thoracic spine and rib cage with gentle articulatory techniques.

The breathing was immediately improved and pain got gradual less frequent and less severe over the next two weeks. 2 treatments were given for a fully satisfactory outcome.
Crushing Chest Pains

A thirty year old lady came with a moderately large bulged disc, causing a severe case of sciatica.

After and MRI, the doctor decided to refer for surgery, the patient decided instead to have osteopathic treatments including gentle adjustments to her sacroiliac joints, some dry needling therapy with electric stimulation using the SCENAR device and gentle craniosacral manipulation of the Lumbo - sacral junction to stimulate recovery in the hydraulics of the inter vertebral disc.

The patient followed advice on rehabilitative exercises and was fully back in action within two months.
Disc Bulge With Severe Sciatic Pain

A young lady was advised to visit our clinic by her mother, her symptoms were very numerous, her quality of life had been severely affected since a viral infection of unknown origin more than a year prior to her visit.

Low energy, bloated stomach, widespread pain including the sternum, a new diet was introduced, a regular craniosacral treatment and advice on a new medication for a condition we discovered she had... although still requiring a regular craniosacral treatment about once a month, this patient ended up being able to drive again, and go back to full time studying.
Post Viral Fatigue, Low Energy and Bloated Stomach

A 34 year old male presented with acute pain in the lower back and hip, unable to walk, sit or lay down without any respite from the severe 8/10 pain and was unable to work; with no previous history of back problems despite a career in the army and then working in the mining industry the episode had been provoked after intense bending, lifting and twisting during house cleaning and moving furniture.

Examination of the patient identified a misaligned sacrum and a resulting extreme compensatory muscle spasm in the hip and buttocks.

The treatment consisted of gentle indirect osteopathic re-alignment of the sacrum (base of the spine) and use of the SCENAR biofeedback electrotherapy and osteopathic Muscle Energy Techniques to relieve the muscle spasm pain. After 5 intensive treatments over 17 days the patient was able to resume work without hindrance and the patient has recovered 100%.
Acute Lower Back Pain

After visiting his GP and Physiotherapist a 66 year old male truck driver and plant operator presented with an ongoing limited range of movement, pain, numbness and weakness in the left arm, made worse by occupational operating of machinery and truck driving.

The patient had had cortisone injections with little or no improvement in function or pain relief. Use of dynamic SCENAR biofeedback electrotherapy techniques and gentle osteopathic Muscle Energy Techniques over 5 treatments allowed full resumption of work duties with full arm strength and movement without any pain or discomfort.
Frozen Shoulder/Rotator Cuff With Restricted Movement, Pain, Pins and Needles