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Coming to Australia in 2004 for a ‘seachange’, away from an intense career as a corporate strategy Director, armed with a life coaching certificate and Neuro - Linguistic Programming (NLP) licensed practitioner certificate, it wasn't long before Daniel undertook further training initially as a SCENAR therapy professional and now into Musculoskeletal therapy, this was to be a bold but excellent career change for Daniel.

Now able to work alongside Karen, his wife, in their own clinic using both Osteopathy and SCENAR therapy as modalities that complement each other perfectly.

During his level 1 training, the trainer was astounded by Daniel’s ease with patients, and his excellent bedside manners.

This is in no small way because Daniel has been trained by Karen for 23 years to treat her when she is herself in pain (Karen suffers from a chronic painful condition called fibromyalgia); using a variety of gentle, Musculoskeletal indirect manual techniques stemming from her own osteopathic training and clinic tutoring days at the European School of Osteopathy.

Daniel has since reached level 3 in SCENAR therapy, he intends to continue studying with Chris Mortensen of N-S Health based in Sydney who as well as being the leading light in bringing SCENAR therapy to the West is also providing ongoing therapy to the Paramatta Eels. Chris and Daniel have also entered into a strategic partnership to extend the knowledge and acceptance of SCENAR.

Now after over 8 years into his therapist role, Dan has amassed enormous amount of skills including recently becoming a NeurOptimal Certified Trainer.  He has helped people with a great array of issues, some results have been beyond our expectations especially with peripheral neuropathy, sciatica and disc bulges, headaches and migraines, scoliosis in young children, as well as unsettled babies.

The great thing about SCENAR is that although it is very effective for the majority of people, it is also one of the safest therapies around. Ages range from a few months old to 90. This makes the decision to give SCENAR treatments a go a lot easier!



Karen Prince-Popovich , while living in the lovely tropical island called New Caledonia, knew at the age of 14 that she was going to go and study Osteopathy in the UK.

The European school of Osteopathy's worldwide reputation was so renowned that Karen's own doctor in New Caledonia recommended she went there to study.

The four year course covered all aspects of Osteopathy including classical, visceral, structural and craniosacral techniques, it also covered more orthodox subjects including neurology, radiology, differential diagnosis,paediatrics and orthopaedics.

The decision to study at that particular school was one of the best decisions Karen ever made as it subsequently opened many doors including osteopathic positions in France and Tasmania, gaining a business sponsorship visa to Australia!

After graduating from the European school of Osteopathy in 1990 and meeting Dan, her future husband they decided to live in France for a few years; this is where Karen was involved with a great charity that gave free osteopathic treatments to children affected by various disabilities such as cerebral palsy.

She also took a course in equine osteopathy which allowed her to treat endurance horses for the 3 years she lived in the south of France. Returning to the UK in 1997, Karen was then offered a role as a Clinic Tutor for her lovely school back in Maidstone, Kent.

This was a great experience and allowed Karen to develop even more as a practitioner, being able to access as much post graduate training as she wanted and especially in Paediatric and pregnancy care.

Since arriving in Airlie Beach with her family in 2008, Karen soon established her third Osteopathic clinic, this time with the help of Daniel her husband who had become a SCENAR therapy professional, the clinic has grown really well mostly thanks to the amazing ‘word of mouth’ the region offers, and the complementary skills of both therapists.

Daniel and Karen work from their purpose built clinic adjacent to their home in Woodwark,  with Karen at their new Clinic in Proserpine 4 days a week and Dan treating there 2 days a week.

Karen still treats animals, although mostly for friends and family - and mainly dogs this time!

Karen is registered with the Osteopathy Board of Australia and is a member of the Australian Osteopathic Association, she has undertaken continuing professional development for 25 years.

The most recent courses have been in THOR low level laser therapy and NeurOptimal Brain Training Certification.