Dan Popovich, our Scenar therapist and Musculoskeletal Therapist.

Coming to Australia in 2004 for a seachange, away from an intense career in corporate development, armed with a life coaching certificate and Neuro Linguistic programming (NLP) licensed practitioner certificate, it wasn’t long before Dan undertook further training as a Scenar therapy professional and now as a Musculoskeletal Therapist, this was to be a bold but excellent career change for Dan.

Now able to work alongside Karen, his wife, in their own clinic using both Osteopathy and Scenar therapy as modalities that complement each other perfectly. During his level 1 training, the trainer was astounded by Dan’s ease with clients, and his excellent bedside manners.

This is in no small way because Dan has also been trained trained by Karen since they met in 1990 to alleviate her own painful fibromyalgia condition. Dan has since reached level 3 in Scenar therapy and remedial & sports therapist diploma and added NeurOptimal and THOR Laser certifications.

Since then, Dan has amassed enormous amount of skills which he uses daily to help people with a great array of issues, some results have been beyond our expectations especially with peripheral neuropathy, sciatica and disc bulges, headaches and migraines, and chronic postural dusfunctions.


Musculoskeletal Therapy
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Karen graduated from a prestigious international school called European School of Osteopathy in Maidstone, U.K. In 1990, she has been passionate about Osteopathy and health from a very young age and continues to develop this life long passion all year long through reading and studying the many aspects of health care.

After establishing clinics in the U.K. and France (where she was born) and working in Hobart for several years,she and her husband Dan decided to move to the beautiful Whitsundays in 2008 and establish their clinic.

Karen is very experienced in the treatment of babies and children, she is also very interested in chronic pain and various approaches to deal with this all too common complaint, having suffered from fibromyalgia herself since childhood…

After much research, Karen introduced new technologies to the clinic such as Scenar therapy, Neurofeedback and Photobiomodulation.

Due to the epidemic number of people suffering from depression and chronic illnesses, has studied nutrition for brain optimisation and bio-individual nutrition for overall health. When Karen isn’t at work, or reading about work she can be found cooking delicious organic meals for her family, horse riding or simply spending time with her family and friends


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