What isRemedial Massage?

When muscles become knotted, tense and/ or damaged, remedial massage provides a healing option.


Remedial massage is the application of a range of therapeutic techniques, used to treat muscles that are knotted, tense, stiff, or damaged. The remedial therapist will assess and identify which areas of the body require treatment, and use a range of massagebased techniques to optimise muscle function.

What are the specific techniques of remedial massage therapy?
1. Deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy
2. Stretch therapy
3. Joint mobilisation
4. Myofascial release
5. Thermotherapy and cryotherapy

What is remedial massage good for?
Remedial massage therapy has a number of proven health benefits.
1. Improves joint mobility
2. Improves recovery
3. Reduces depression and anxiety
4. Pain relief
5. Improved heart rate regulation
6. Promotes relaxation