What can we do for
babies and children?

At Peak Body Mechanics, we treat patients of all ages, Dr Karen Prince-Popovich, our principal osteopath has over 30 years experience treating babies and children even as an undergraduate student at the European School of Osteopathy (UK), where she was taught by Stuart Korth co- founder of the UK charity Osteopathic Centre for Children and Susan Turner, amongst other inspiring teachers at the ESO.


Typical baby complaints are treated including colic, restlessness, difficultly walking, sleeping, burping etc.


One of the most satisfying aspects of being an osteopath is the fact that without any force, and in a non invasive way, a baby can be allowed to reach their full potential by removing restrictions and tensions within its small frame before these turn into compensations and adaptations in the future.

Paediatric Osteopathy is the special extra sets of skills in Osteopathy of using gentle osteopathic techniques specifically for treating babies, children, teens and perinatal mums. Paediatric osteopaths look beyond conditions and take a holistic approach to a patient, using manual techniques to restore, maintain and support health and wellbeing. We don’t use any single osteopathic technique in our clinics – we draw on the relevant approaches that are gentle enough for babies and children, providing treatment that’s as individual as the patient. In young patients, the methods used are nearly always very gentle, but nonetheless powerful, requiring special palpation skills which are honed for many years alongside a deep understanding of embryology and anatomy.



At Peak Body mechanics we support children presenting to our clinic with all sorts of complaints including:

Growing pains, back pain, headaches, sport injuries, Osgood Schlatter’s and other Osteochondrosis such as Perthe’s and Sever’s diseases, management and support of scoliosis (curvatures of the spine), postural check ups to pick up kyphosis (forward bent spine) and other spinal deformities.

We also provide NeurOptimal brain training and Thor Photobiomodulation for children and adults as part of a fully comprehensive care, when manual therapy is not the best option.